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IT Talent Search

We are happy because our work is our hobby. Moreover, our hobby helps companies and startups to find the best and the most suitable “their” employees.

What we have

Passion about what we do


Green tables


Scrum board



wonderful girls who:

Would never confuse Java and JavaScript, even awakened at gunpoint in the middle of the night

Can tell you about the latest news in IT world

Will share with you their impressions about the latest PM party

Feel sorry for those who believe that Java is the only platform that could be used for Android Development

They are also familiar with all programming languages, though they do not know how to code. But it's okay, because here you are - our candidates for the role of world changer! Lines of unwritten codes, complicated and easy tasks, Silicon Valley and world changing solutions are waiting for you on the other side. Our kind fairies will give you their helping hands and show you the way.

But seriously and in numbers

5Years of experience

300+Filled engineering vacancies

35Organized training events

We can call ourselves sort of superheroes - because we fight injustice and are looking for the most suitable opportunities for your potential.

So be sure - you are in right hands. All you got to do is to tell us about your preferences, ideas and plans regarding professional development.

IT Recruitment GUIDance: practical edition

We’ve developed our own course on IT recruitment.

Thanks to the practical focus, you’ll feel what it's like to be an IT recruiter, what kind of tasks you will face every day. You’ll understand whether you get this job and moreover - whether YOU enjoy it.

And all this - you get during one month of intense studies. Waiting for you!