About Us

About us

The GUID, IT Talent Search team, has been finding developers for Ukrainian and international IT companies for over 9 years.
9 years
Of love for
IT recruitment
Fans of
their craft

Our power is a new perception of recruitment.

We don’t fill positions. We find specialists who raise the level of our business. Our bond with technologies is based not on work, but on love. Our main values are work-life balance and happiness for everyone.

Recruitment is about synergy and life-long learning. We believe in that. Indeed, we know that GUID is forever. :)

Our Team


Founder, Managing Partner
Julia Venger
Founder, Managing Partner
The thing that I admire the most is freedom. Freedom to live in your own way. And to do what you believe in.
Chief Executive Officer
Anastasia Geller
Chief Executive Officer
The best part of my job is having the opportunity to meet extraordinary people.
Business Development Manager
Julia Bodun
Business Development Manager
I optimize tables, tasks, and results. I wield the magic wand to turn problems into solutions.
PR Lead
Nika Prykhodchenko
PR Lead
I love people and dynamic long-lasting projects. Especially helping the first to learn about the second.
IT Recruiter
Alexandra Ershova
IT Recruiter
It is an indescribable emotion when I complete a successful project. After all, I’ve just made someone's life better.
IT Recruiter
Angelina Kharchuk
IT Recruiter
What is the best motivation to find a dream job for a candidate? It is to work in the company of nice and hard-working employees who are in love with their job.
IT Recruiter
Anna Migova
IT Recruiter
Synergy in expectations and goals always leads to excellent results. I love it when I can put together the wishes of a customer and a candidate.
IT Recruiter
Anastasia Goloshchak
IT Recruiter
Recruitment is about People2People. About the ability to communicate with different people, to understand them, and to learn a lot.
IT Recruiter
Olga Knyazeva
IT Recruiter
Generally, I create happiness – my own and for the people around me. In the office I do the same within recruitment.
IT Recruiter
Svetlana Bushueva
IT Recruiter
It’s important for me that the basis and ideas of recruitment are purely positive. After all, when you find the right job for a person, you make their life a little better.
IT Recruiter
Svetlana Goncharuk
IT Recruiter
It’s great when a company’s values are similar to your own. I want to help everyone to achieve, if not a dream job, then at least an excellent one.
We value


Focus on <br>the Candidate
Focus on
the Candidate
In every action and communication, a recruiter will focus on the candidate
Our recruiters are tech-savvy and understand the IT business and the IT industry.
Process<br> Ownership
Providing the effectiveness of recruitment for a company and comfort for all candidates.
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