Interviews in IT companies

Selection methods and interviewers’ behavior patterns.

Our previous articles on Candidate Experience Research demonstrated that the process of hiring in Ukraine can be slightly irrational and doesn’t always consider the interests of candidates.

In the following article, we shall talk about the final stage of selection – interview.

We asked IT specialists; how often do they face the following situations in interviews with IT companies:

  • interview “in interrogation mode”;
  • psychological techniques of selection;
  • pattern questions;
  • coding on paper;
  • weak technical level of interviewers;
  • disorganized interviewers;
  • attempts to underestimate a candidate’s professional level.

Let’s see, what candidates should expect at the height of hiring – during interview stage, contact with the company and mutual assessment.

Non-technical interviews

In the article TOP-5 Problems of Ukrainian IT Recruitment, we have already revealed the key problems of non-technical interviews – the inability of interviewers:

  • to talk about potential tasks and the technical aspects of a job;
  • to provide full information about the project and company itself;
  • to show the benefits and value of a job.

Respectively, 73%, 52% and 65% of candidates are facing these problems at a high level of frequency.

We also asked IT specialists, how often do they hear cliché questions from non-technical interviewers:

Interviews in IT companies

These numbers don’t provide an objective assessment of patterns/non-patterns in HR questions. But they undoubtedly illustrate the subjective perception of candidates: 64% during non-technical interviews hear questions, which are rated as cliché.

Despite the fact, that psychological testing is a holy war topic in the IT industry, such techniques are common here:

Interviews in IT companies

As for the attitude to psychological methods of selection – only 4% of candidates consider them to be a sign of a company’s professionalism. Another 35% are neutral and the remaining 61% perceive them negatively.

Interviews in IT companies

Technical interviews

There’s no secret, that an interview atmosphere should be as friendly as possible – for the reasons of morality and in order to relax the candidate, who is feeling stressed.

In reality, candidates are more frequently interviewed in interrogation mode. This practice is more common in technical interviews:

Interviews in IT companies

Также кандидаты говорят, что именно на технических собеседованиях часто сталкиваются с попытками занизить их профессиональный уровень:

Interviews in IT companies

In conclusion, here are 2 more facts about technical interviews.

Interviews in IT companies

A quarter of candidates noted, that they often face interviewers with a weak technical level.

Interviews in IT companies

And finally, coding on paper, this is still a common practice in technical interviews (though not everyone likes it):

Interviews in IT companies

IT-specialists’ comments about interviews are posted here.

We wish our colleagues to set a high professional level, constantly thinking about candidates’ comfort and the quality of the recruitment process.

Keep Calm, Speak Developish and Own the Process of Recruiting 🙂

Julia Venger
Founder & Managing Partner at GUID