TOP 5 Problems of Ukrainian IT Recruitment

Based on Candidate Experience Research

One way to check the level of service is to ask consumers for feedback.

In order to estimate the real quality of the Ukrainian IT recruitment market, we asked candidates about their experiences. The following article is going to show the results of our survey and may help to evaluate the professionalism of IT recruiters and quality of recruiting processes.

Problem #1:
Recruiters’ inability to talk about technical aspects of a job

We found out, that recruiters and HRs rarely tell candidates about the tasks and technical aspects of a vacancy. Only 5% of respondents have never faced this problem:

TOP 5 Problems of Ukrainian IT Recruitment

Also, it was found that recruiters don’t indulge candidates with the full information about the project and company itself:

TOP 5 Problems of Ukrainian IT Recruitment

Does it look like a problem? If the recruiter can’t answer questions while he’s processing the candidate or, even worse, hunting him, – of course it is a problem.

Not only is it on the brink of professional absurdity, but it also shows us another important thing. Apparently, IT recruiters have problems with Speaking Developish**. It means that substantive and meaningful dialogues with candidates are merely impossible. However, as much, as with customers.

The problems below demonstrate how it affects the different stages of recruitment.

Problem #2:
Inability to provide the benefits and value of the vacancy

TOP 5 Problems of Ukrainian IT Recruitment

This problem logically follows the previous one. It’s impossible to emphasize the advantages and show the value of a vacancy, if you don’t know its details and can’t reconcile them with the labor market. Therefore, reasoned sales in IT recruiting are such a rarity.

However, the evidence base for candidates is only the first condition of cultural and civilized sales.

Problem #3:
Spam sales approach

The second important condition is to identify the needs and interests of candidates before presenting any proposals to them.

But only 1.5% of IT specialists have a chance to start a recruiting dialogue, enabling them to give some personal information. In the remaining 98.5% of cases, potential candidates are simply not asked to provide it:

TOP 5 Problems of Ukrainian IT Recruitment

45% of respondents are just texted in a random manner (one out of a hundred may respond positively), another 53.5% regularly detect spam in messages. And even stranger still, if they manage to sell something in the first contact! This picture is compounded by the fact, that a significant amount of vacancies, offered in this way, are irrelevant.

Problem #4:
Irrelevant vacancies

It’s NOT normal to offer vacancies, not corresponding to a candidate’s experience. All of us are irritated by spam. And when the product/service that is being sold is designed for a completely different audience, – it is doubly annoying. Vacancy inconsistent with experience – the same spam irritation but squared. And it’s a pressing problem for at least 60% of IT specialists:

TOP 5 Problems of Ukrainian IT Recruitment

We can only guess, whether irrelevancy is caused by the fact, that recruiters don’t read candidates’ profiles, and whether they simply don’t understand anything there.

Problem #5:
The gap between the needs of the team and job description

It’s time to add another point. Only 19% of candidates have never faced a situation, when the vacancy description stands in sharp contrast to actual reality:

TOP 5 Problems of Ukrainian IT Recruitment

Apart from the fact, that recruiters hardly provide vacancy information, it also doesn’t always correspond to reality. It is the result of a superficial approach to technologies, abstracting from vacancy details and the neglect of professional duties.

Now add the absence of communication culture*** to the reasons above – and you’ll understand, why we’ve found ourselves in the situation of “One-time recruitment”, where the concepts “strong professional relationships” and “IT recruiter” are incompatible:

TOP 5 Problems of Ukrainian IT Recruitment

As we see, recruiters still have a lot to do. Technical literacy, understanding of development process, “cultural” sales and responsibility for all stages of recruitment should be real “must-haves” for this profession. If these points were considered, recruiters won’t just achieve goals more efficiently, but also in an environmentally friendly, ethical and painless manner, for all parties in the hiring process.

We still have much to tell you about feedbacks, test tasks, salary trades, technical interviews, and sales. So, see you in the next review articles on the results of our Candidate Experience Research survey.

Julia Venger
Founder & Managing Partner at GUID


* More details about the survey and socio-demographic data of the respondents – here and there.

** Speaking Developish – is a term invented by GUID. It refers to the ability of a recruiter to read resumes and vacancies, to understand developers and speak the same language as them.

*** According to CER, rudeness, familiarity and arrogance are the lead variants of recruiters’ inherent behavior.