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Anastasia Geller
Anastasia Geller
Chief Executive Officer

For over 9 years we’ve been successfully working with Ukrainian and global IT companies.

We will offer you the most promising project within your goals and interests. In addition, we’ll introduce your advantages to the IT market and make the hiring process comfortable, fast, and transparent.

Take your chance!

9 years
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Technically competent
Technically competent
Always considering your personal interests and goals
Always considering your personal interests and goals
Cooperating only with companies where we would work ourselves
Cooperating only with companies where we would work ourselves
Offering relevant vacancies
Offering relevant vacancies
Building long-term positive connections
Building long-term positive connections
Working with a wide range of international companies and state-of-the-art projects
Working with a wide range of international companies and state-of-the-art projects


Our service is completely free for candidates.
    Getting a vacancy from a client
    We conduct a detailed research about the customer’s company and decide on further cooperation. We find out all the information about the project in order to fully represent it to the candidate.
    Connecting with GUID friends
    First of all, we contact developers with whom we already have a relationship. Also, we contact those who sent us their CVs directly.
    Making new acquaintances
    We do not like spam, templates, and mass mailing. We value individuality, true contacts, and high-quality communication.
    Finding out professional interests
    We always consider the goals and wishes of a developer. We listen, hear, and do everything to choose the best possible option.
    At this point, the new acquaintance becomes a friend of GUID and can always count on our agent support.
    Focusing on possibilities
    We are tech-savvy, we will always contact you with relevant proposals and can correlate prospects of the vacancy with the goals of a candidate.
    Conducting internal interviews
    We make a detailed presentation of the vacancy, examine the match of candidate’s and company expectations, help to find and emphasize the strengths of a candidate.
    Managing client-side interviews
    We control and optimize selection stages in the client’s company. Here we are always fighting for comfort, speed, and transparency of the process for our candidates.
    Providing feedback
    We collect and structure all feedback, based on the results of the interview, and provide this information to the candidate.
    Making an offer
    We fully support the negotiation process and help our candidates during the initial period of adaptation into the company.

We enjoy building long-term relationships

Even if it didn’t work out with the offer, we’d remain your friends and career agents. Each of GUID’s recruiters will take your experience, goals, and interests into account. So, when we find your dream project, we will think of you straight away.
About us


Our main goal – is to find the project where you can develop.
Vladislav Emelyanov
(Senior Java Developer)
I hope the office GUID will be happier a couple of times when you read this review. I liked in Angelina her humanity and professional qualities. I respect people who know how to combine them and do not cross borders. I also want to note the efficiency in the agreements and the formalization of everything in personal chats and a calendar. In the process of considering vacancies, I went through 11 interviews and only 2 recruiters showed themselves professionally - and Angelina is on this list. Happiness, success and good luck - Angelina and the whole team.
Sergey Darchuk
(Software Engineer)
Everything was fast and transparent. And more is not necessary.
Yuri Sytnik
(Java Developer)
Recruiter Anna is a very responsible and pleasant person in communication, it was comfortable working with her :) Anna, thank you very much!
(JavaScript Front End Developer)
An employee of the company [Angelina] accompanied me at all stages of receiving a job offer, as well as after it. Due to the fact that my contract was related to the relocation, the recruiter tried to help me quickly adapt in a new city - by advising or providing reference information (even on weekends). From communication with this employee there were exclusively positive emotions.
Andrey Maydanyuk
(QA Engineer)
It was very nice to talk with Anastasia [Goloshchak]. All offered vacancies corresponded to my profile. My wishes for the new project and the company were also taken into account.
Alexander Serkin
(Full Stack Developer)
The recruiter [Angelina] is a great professional. Asked clear and clear questions, pleasant in communication, gave a quick feedback.
Ilya Abelentsev
(QA Automation Engineer)
Everything cool. Pleased with the support and feedback. Thanks.
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Middle Manual QA VoIP Team
Employment: full employment
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Java developer
Employment: full employment
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
QA Automation Engineer
Employment: full employment
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Middle/Senior DevOps Engineer
Employment: full employment
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Middle Java Developer
Employment: remote
Middle/Senior Python Developer
Employment: full employment
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Project Coordinator
Employment: full employment
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Full Stack Developer (PHP+ React)
Employment: full employment
C++ programmer
Employment: full employment
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
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