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Julia Bodun
Julia Bodun
Business Development Manager

One of the main goals of GUID is the development of the IT HR and Recruitment community – in Ukraine, Europe, and other countries.

That's why we create educational products with access from any point of the world, record podcasts, and conduct networking meetings.

Indeed, development and learning from the professionals are a must, not an option.

9 years
Of love for
IT recruitment
Fans of
their craft


We actively raise the level of Ukrainian IT recruitment through meetups, training, and courses.
Naturally, we continue to learn and grow individually and as a team.

IT Recruitment GUIDance: practical edition

GUID’s practical IT Recruitment course.


Technical education for non‑technical specialists.

Candidate Experience Research

GUID’s project to study the candidate experience of IT specialists.

HR Talks

Networking meetups of HR and the recruitment community.

IT Recruitment GUIDance: video edition

Video course on IT Recruitment from scratch.


Maybe you know a potential candidate?
Do you have a customer in mind? Connect us together and receive a bonus.
  • Recommend a candidate

    Bonus amount:

    $200  for Middle-level position

    $300  for Senior-level position

    $400  Architect/C-Level

    Conditions for accepting the recommendation:

    The Recommender notified the Candidate of his intention to recommend him and received consent.

    We did not communicate directly with the Candidate / the Candidate was not recommended to us by third parties / the Candidate did not send us his resume on his own / the Candidate did not communicate with the relevant client for the last three months.

    The Candidate does not have a valid contract with any of the GUID's clients.

    Terms of payment:

    Terms of bonus payment – upon the expiration of a trial period successfully completed by the Candidate (2-3 months).

    The recommendation is valid for 3 months. If the Candidate is selected not for the initial vacancy, but for a different GUID vacancy during this period, the Recommender also receives a bonus.

  • Recommend a customer

    Bonus amount:

    $200  for Middle-level position

    $300  for Lead/Senior-level position

    $400  Architect/C-Level

    Conditions for accepting the recommendation:

    The Recommender notified the Client of the intention to recommend him and received consent.

    We do not have a working history with the Client.

    We do not accept the recommendations of customers from the following industries: gambling / adult industry / military / arms trade and production / drug trafficking / any illegal industry.

    Terms of non-cooperation:

    We reserve the right not to take the Client’s vacancies both at the stage of communication from the Recommender and after direct acquaintance with the Client.

    Our cooperation with the Client can be stopped due to various circumstances until the time of hiring. In this case, the Recommender does not receive a bonus due to the absence of actual hiring.

    Terms of payment:

    The bonus is awarded for the first three positions that GUID fills for this customer.


    If the Recommender is already a GUID's customer – he receives a 50% discount on the next hire.

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