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For over 9 years in recruitment, we’ve gone deep into IT-business.

Julia Venger
Julia Venger
Founder, Managing Partner

Today, it allows us to find specialists for companies of various sizes – quickly and efficiently. Often these professionals can take companies to a whole new level.

We understand our responsibility for business growth and believe that nothing is impossible. Therefore, we always show our customers all the opportunities for the employment, within the modern IT market.

9 years
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IT recruitment
Fans of
their craft
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  • Acquaintance: GUID and the customer

    Private meeting / Skype-call. We conduct an extensive interview, based on the brief that has been improved within 9+ years of GUID experience. We refine the profile of a candidate and then agree on the process of work and selection (this takes about 60 minutes).

    We ask a lot of questions to delve into the product, to understand the needs of a client, and to get an image of their company. This is necessary to represent the employer brand on the market adequately and to introduce them to relevant candidates.

    If necessary, we advise on general issues related to the Ukrainian IT market.

  • Preparation
    • Preparing internal documentation, collecting and structuring the data.

      Thus, we fully and accurately present our client to candidates: needs, opportunities and prospects of the company, technical details of the project, etc. We do not duplicate questions that have already been asked, – therefore we save the customer’s time.

    • Conducting market analysis.
    • Creating roadmap and search strategy.
    • Developing sales and positioning strategy.
    • Pitching texts.
  • Sourcing and sales
    • Internal database (28,000+ of IT specialists).
    • An active network of recruiters.
    • External sources – LinkedIn, Djinni, GitHub Stack Overflow, etc.
    • Referral programs. We are friends with many IT HR specialists in Ukraine.
    • Offline recruitment (conferences, meetings).
    • A pinch of recruiting magic.
  • Communication with candidates
    • Establishing contact.
    • Finding out professional interests.
    • Presenting the vacancy of a client.
    • Handling objections.
    • Establishing long-term connections with candidates.
  • Interview with GUID recruiters and preparation of documents

    During the interview we find out:

    • Detailed information about the candidate’s experience (the essence of his previous projects, an approach to work organization, tasks, technological stack, team composition, achievements).
    • Motivation (what the candidate expects from a new job, what is important for him, why did he leave previous companies).
    • Salary expectations.
    • English level.
    • Organizational aspects (locations, the legal issues of employment, etc.).
    • Candidate's attitude towards the company and vacancy.

    The customer also receives:

    • Recruiter's comments on soft-skills.
    • Any extra information on request.
    • Optional: initial technical screening. In this case, the candidate answers basic technical questions provided by the customer (with the consent of the candidate, the dialogue is recorded in audio and provided to the client for a competent assessment).
  • Client-side interview management
    • Organizing interviews (online/offline/ if necessary – in GUID’s office).
    • Attending these interviews to increase further efficiency.
    • Collecting feedback based on interviews.
    • Providing feedback to the candidate.
  • Offer
    • Negotiating the terms of the offer.
    • Helping with the offer presentation.
    • Handling counter-offers. We keep in touch with the candidate throughout the process, assess risks, and keep our customer informed of the candidate’s negotiations with other companies. We also negotiate with the candidate in case of a counter-offer or an offer from another company.
    • Collecting feedback from the client and the candidate.
    • Keeping in touch during the trial period – until we are convinced of the mutual satisfaction of both parties. Resolving possible difficulties in the candidate’s adaptation process.


  • Exclusive Search
    Exclusive Search

    The GUID team is completely focused on your vacancy. Working only with our recruiters, you pay less, get the best service, and free up your internal resources. Filling your position becomes our top priority. Potential candidates are not bombarded by job proposals, and your company’s brand is strengthening its position in the market.

  • Non-exclusive search
    Non-exclusive search

    When you need to close a position quickly, you use all the opportunities inside and outside of the company. Here we are ready to join the search for an ideal candidate on a non-exclusive basis. Simultaneously, you can involve non-GUID recruiters, use additional resources and increase the pool for selection.

  • Recommendations

    Sometimes the customer has time for a sustained recruitment process. Working in a recommendation mode, we do not work purposefully on your vacancy. We recommend relevant specialists to you, whom we know from working on other positions. You have the opportunity to consider more candidates, and we take the first steps in communication with them.

  • Internal recruitment
    Internal recruitment

    If you need to close a large number of positions, it is more convenient to hire our recruiters on a full-time basis temporarily. Conditions are discussed individually.



Extremely positive emotions from working with a GUID. I was very pleased with the individual approach: all the working processes for selecting candidates and screening were arranged according to our wishes, and any of our feedback was perceived very friendly and processed for one or two. Thank you for the excellent work of selecting an entire startup team - on the Sweet Stack Walk of Fame there will certainly be a separate place for the star for the girls from the GUID;)
Сo-Founder, Sweet Stack Digital
It's nice to work with a team that has a high level of expertise - both technical and soft. During our collaboration, the GUID team was responsible and respectful of the time and needs of our business. Special attention should be paid to the technical training of GUID recruiters. Despite the limitations in time and availability of technical interviewers, it was possible to fully find out the technical requirements for relevant candidates. Digitally Inspired team wishes you to successfully develop technical expertise and continue to maintain initiative and respect in cooperation :)
Talent Acquisition Manager, Digitally Inspired